Sunday, September 28, 2014

Displaying Ndoni's Cultural Heritage

Ndoni is a fast growing town in the oil rich Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni  Local Government

Area of Rivers State in Nigeria.

Ndoni was formerly referred to as Ebuaga London, Ndoni London.

Currently, people call it the City of God.

The town has lived up to its name .
You will need to visit Ndoni to see the development that has started.
 The light has been lighted that cannot be extinguished.

The people of Ndoni are great farmers and fishermen with a rich cultural history.

Have a taste of the cultural heritage


Starting a Journey

History was made today when sons and daughters of Ndoni heritage residing in USA formally inaugurated the Ndoni National Association (USA).


To foster unity among all people of Ndoni heritage and strengthening our community through the advancement of Education, Culture, Human Services and Healthcare


(1) To improve the economic, social and general welfare of Ndoni indigenes and associates both at home and in the United States.

(2) To promote, encourage and foster unity at all times among Ndoni indigenes and Associates.

(3) To cooperate with and support bona-fide Nigerian Associations in the United States of America and encourage members of the Association to join Nigerian Associations and participate in promoting the interest of Nigeria both at the homeland and abroad.


Membership of the Association shall be open to all sons and daughters of Ndoni as well as others who have relationships with Ndoni.
You are all welcomed to join this association
Watch out for the next blog about the Elected officers of the Association
Long Live Ndoni
Long live Ndoni National Association (USA)
Dr. Anthony Esumei